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Carmen Creek Corrals
Paints and Cross-Breed Horses For Sale

Carmen Creek Corrals is located in the Lemhi Valley of Eastern Idaho. Near the hills below the Bitterroot Mountains, the temperate weather of the Valley is the perfect place for raising and training our herd. We have a variety of horses currently for sale; however, our breeding program will be changing to specialized breeding for color! We are hoping to add a little chrome to those fantastic personalities.

We have a varied breeding stock of Black and White Mares for cross-breeding. Mares are fox trotter, shire and quarter horse a perfect match for sport horse breeding. We do not breed horses before they are fully developed. Due to the economy, we have put breeding programs on hold. This has allowed our mares to get plenty of exercise and learn new skills on the trails and in the round pen.

Our horses have acreage to roam, running water, plenty of sunshine and shelter from winter winds. Foal are handled at birth to establish the bonds necessary for developing trust between horse and trainer. Additional photos and videos are available for all horses and foals on the For Sale pages.

We take pride in breeding even tempered, well-behaved horses that you will be proud to own. Visitors are welcome by appointment.