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Spring 2009 Arrivals to Carmen Creek Corrals

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Spring 2009 New Arrivals

In May of 2009 we were blessed with our long awaited spring foals - a colt -Rockin' The Night Away (aka Rocky) and a filly - Ice Tea For Two (aka Tia). Our new arrivals are 1/2 Paint and 1/2 Frieisan - both are deep black and will be tall like their Sires.

Tia was our first arrival - born May 8, 2009 at 5:00am to our APHA B&W Paint Mare Scout (Take Route Two). Tia weighed in at approx. 90 lbs. As it was a chilly Friday morning, she was happy to have her small shelter and straw bed.

Tia was born in the corral just outside of the barn. After a few bonding minutes with her mom and the help of neighbors, we ushered Tia into her waiting barn stall where both Tia and Scout took time out for a well-earned rest. Tia has beautiful form, is solid black except for the white crescent on her forehead. She has very feminine traits - long legs, slim body, small head and beautiful eyelashes. We fell in love with her instantly. Tia now has her own page in the Mares and Foals section. Watch her progress -

We waited not-so-patiently for the overdue Suzette to give birth to our second foal. We were hoping for a Mothers Day birth and just in the last hour of the day, our APHA B&W paint mare, Suzette, gave birth to a very large colt - Rocky.

Rocky was born May 11, 2009 at approx. 11:15pm with our neighbors again on hand to help. He weighed in at 135 lbs. We were expecting a large foal due to the size and stature of his sire, and we were not disappointed. Rocky is a magnificent cross of Paint and Friesian.

Rocky had trouble standing when he was born because his front hoof was slightly turned under. We got very good advice from a knowledgeable friend, wrapped Rocky's front leg and foot in a padded wrap so he could get his footing - and a day later, he was running circles around his mom.

Rocky now has his own page in our Mares and Foals section. He is already almost as tall as his mom and will pass her soon.

Look for exciting updates as these two grow, mature and learn!