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POW Jessie
Registered APHA Black and White Paint Mare


POW Jessie

Registered APHA Mare

Jessie is our 2003 registered Black and White paint mare. She has been riding trails for the past three years and has never been bred. Jessie displays a wonderful, calm personality and she is an Idaho native. We've watched her grow and learn since she was born.

Our plan is to breed Jessie in the future. We know that she'll pass her charm and disposistion to her offspring so we will carefully choose a wonderful stallion for her first-born. Jessie is a true black and does not fade in the summer. We know she'll be a loving mother next year.

Be sure to check back if you are interested in owning a wonderful paint cross foal in the near future. Jessie's genetics will be tested soon so we can predict offspring flash. Please contact us if you'd like to help design your next foal.

Sale Price: Negotiable

In Utero price: Negotiable

Live foal guaranteed. Inquire about in utero purchases today!

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